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TVSB | August 21, 2017

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TVSB Culture

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Lecture: Whale Whisperer, Breath of the Whales

July 22, 2017 |

Gray Whale Wisdom founders and Breath of the Whales authors Keith Grey Hale & Carolyn Gorman open a dialogue exploring cetacean science and the connection between humans and whales, and the importance of cultivating a deeper awareness of our … Read More

Local Leaders: Bill Cirone

July 21, 2017 |

Susan Salcido interviews Bill Cirone, the immediate past Santa Barbara County Superintendent of Schools.Read More

The 805 Focus: Santa Barbara Response Network

July 18, 2017 |

Interview with Jina Carvalho, Communications Director, Santa Barbara Response Network, Glendon AssociationRead More

The 805 Focus: Santa Barbara Botanic Garden

July 11, 2017 |

Join Cynder Sinclair as she sits down with Steve Windhanger to learn more about the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden.Read More

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast: Future of Digital Imaging and Camera Technology

July 10, 2017 |

Panel members explore innovative trends, new equipment, infrared imaging and camera lens technology allowing companies to see, capture and do more for their clients than ever before.

The program is moderated by Brad Frohling, Radius Group. Speakers: Nicholas Weissman, … Read More

Global Dialogue: Transforming Communities for Social Change

July 4, 2017 |

Peter Haslund talks with Getry Agizah, Kenyan peace activist and social change agent about Transforming Communities for Social Change.Read More

Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Lecture: Asphaltum – Chumash Super Glue

June 5, 2017 |

Lecture presented by Chumash elder Julie Tumamait-Stenslie and archaeologist John Foster. Asphaltum played an important role in many facets of Chumash culture and everyday life, including in their oral traditions. Julie will tell Native American stories and beliefs and … Read More

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast: Women in the C-Suite

June 4, 2017 |

From Startup to IPO – Executive perspective from women in leadership.Mountains of data have shown that the presence of women on founding teams or in the C-Suite is correlated with increased financial performance. Why are these companies thriving? What … Read More

MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast: Business of Cannabis

April 14, 2017 |

Leading experts discuss the use of cannabis as medicine; starting a cannabis business; the laws supporting this alternative; and technology used to expand in this multibillion-dollar industry. Expert panelists include: Adrian Z. Sedlin, CEO, Canndescent; Max Simon, CEO, Green … Read More

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