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TVSB | April 24, 2018

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High Cost of Incarceration: Scandinavian Alternatives

| On 08, Apr 2017

The American criminal justice system suffers from a repetitive flaw. Inmates released from prison tend to return to their prison cells at an astonishing rate during the first three years after release. This rate of recidivism differs from state to state, ranging from 45% to 70%, costing taxpayers in California alone over $230 million annually. By contrast, Scandinavian countries have worked consistently to reduce their recidivism rate to 20-25%. This difference caused State Senator Hannah-Beth Jackson and her husband, retired Superior Court Judge George Eskin, to travel to Scandinavia for the purpose of gathering information, exploring how our systems differ and what practices we might want to incorporate into our own system. Joining them at the Faulkner Gallery on February 24 at 7 pm will be Rick Roney who initiated Santa Barbara’s Reentry Project in 2005 and has been active in efforts to reduce recidivism ever since. A final panelist will be Jay Virbel who serves as California’s Director of Rehabilitation through the state’s Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation. The Center for Global Dialogue is co-sponsoring this event with the American Scandinavian Foundation of Santa Barbara so that our community can have a public discussion about this critical issue

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