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TVSB | April 27, 2018

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Community Media Development Project

Growing With Santa Barbara

TV Santa Barbara has long been a place for the community to come together to connect and create media and give community members a voice.   It is an important and evolving nonprofit media center for content creators, providing access to media technology to tell stories, share ideas, and create television shows, independent films, and documentaries.

Founded in 2002 as South Coast Community Media Access Center, TV Santa Barbara continues its long standing mission to provide citizens with access to television and other electronic media resources in order to facilitate public dialogue, free speech and participatory democracy; foster local creativity, education and culture; and reflect our diverse community.

This mission has generally included basic-to-advanced media training, video equipment, editing, and studio space for a variety of media interests along with the ensured availability of local television channels for airing of a variety of programs and community voices.

Shifts in media technology have transformed how we engage, interact, and communicate at all levels via the rapid emergence of the internet, social media, and communication across platforms. Technology has transformed how we organize and connect as people, agencies, and institutions. Global shifts have changed not only how we individually and collectively see, define, and express ourselves, but how we go about doing so. Life, living story, emerging media, and social change now converge as never before.

In recognition of the many changes facing our community and world at large in relation to the explosion in communication technology and forms of how we understand and communicate ourselves, TVSB and its operating components understandably have expanded and evolved as well.

With the goals of remaining relevant, continuing to fulfill our charter, and optimally serving our community in a changing world, TV Santa Barbara is no longer limited to the operation of two local cable television channels for community access to a public medium alone.

More than ever, TV Santa Barbara is explicitly providing an increasingly comprehensive and integrated blend of media technology, contemporary training, and organic social connections to provide a hub and coordinated infrastructure for community communications and media development.

Letter from the Executive Director

Moving Toward a Sustainable Model of Community Media

Community Media Project Components and Focus

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