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TVSB | April 24, 2018

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Youth Media Camps

March 7, 2016 |

Youth Media Camps
Spend a week exploring media production at the TVSB Media Access Center. Participants use professional equipment to create their own visual content, learn the basics of green screen technology like they use in the movies, get their hands on cameras and lights to create short videos and add sounds and effects to videos and edit together the best clips. The final video projects will air on TVSB channels 17 & 71!
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MediaU: Cinematography and the Moving Camera

March 4, 2016 |

Are you looking for more than a “static shot” in your work? Are handheld shots just not doing it for you? Ever been intrigued by the moving camera and the dynamics it provides in films and documentaries? Read More

MediaU: Learn basics of field production

February 9, 2016 |

Contact us to schedule an appointment. Call Missy at (805) 233-7755

Gain hands-on instruction on field cameras, lighting and audio.  Upon completion of the course, you will earn a TVSB Certification in Field Production so you can use our field cameras, … Read More

FYI: MediaU Workshops at TV Santa Barbara

July 22, 2015 |

Learn more about the variety of workshops offered by TV Santa Barbara.

Programming on TVSB is supported by the community. Show your support today at

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