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TVSB | April 27, 2018

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Volunteer Program Information

TV Santa Barbara welcomes volunteers to the Community Media Center.  To offer volunteer support, please contact us at 805-571-1721.

If a member would like to become a TVSB Studio Volunteer, TVSB will provide free studio training with a written agreement that the member will volunteer at least five hours per month.  After the first 25 hours volunteered, the member will receive his/her certification(s) for TV Studio.   For every 25 hours volunteered thereafter, any class of choice may be taken FREE.  If a volunteer works less than five hours per month for two consecutive months, without reasonable leave of absence or notification, that volunteer may be taken off the roster and will not be eligible for volunteer credit for at least one year.

A member will only be considered to for volunteer credit when volunteering for TV Santa Barbara or on a program for which they are not listed as a producer or alternate producer.

Volunteer Service Alternatives are available to members in lieu of paying fees for any TVSB activity that requires a fee.

Volunteer assignments may include crewing a studio or remote program for which the member is not listed as a producer and receives no monetary compensation from the producer, assisting at the front desk to welcome and escort guests, or other appropriate duties depending upon TVSB’s needs and the member’s skills.

Volunteer Service Alternatives do not apply to any already discounted rates or fees or to membership fees.

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