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Media Training Programs at TV Santa Barbara

Media Training Programs are offered on a rolling basis and are available for members and the general public. The Winter/ Spring 2019 Media Training Programs will start on Saturday, March 2, 2019. Registration and payment information for the series will be available soon. Each training will take place from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm at TV Santa Barbara and will encompass the following:


Studio 101 : Operating Studio Cameras

Learn how to operate robotic and manual cameras in our studios. You will gain an understanding of framing your shots, how to work on a crew, learn production lingo so you can follow directions from the director and how to floor direct.

Studio 102: Audio for Studio Production

Learn how to properly identify, choose and set-up microphones for your studio production. Explore how to mix audio using our audio mixer in the control room.

Studio 103: Lighting for the Studio

We will cover the basics of three point lighting, what lights are available in our studios, the basic operation of our lighting boards and how to adjust the lights for your show.

Studio 104: Directing Your Studio Production

Learn how to use the production switcher to technical direct the program, choose cameras, add graphics, provide crew direction and record your program.


Field 101 : Operating Field Cameras

Learn how to operate production cameras in the field. We will cover framing your shots, setting up your gear, recording your video and recording to edit.

Field 102 : Audio in the Field

Learn how to properly identify, choose and set-up microphones for the field environment. Explore how to monitor your audio and address any issues.

Field 103 : Lighting for the Field

We will cover the basics of three point lighting principals, what lighting is available to use in the field and the use of reflectors and other methods of lighting out in the field.


Edit 101 : Final Cut Pro X Introduction

Gain an understanding of the interface, how to organize your media, and import your media into your library. Perform some basic edits.

Edit 102 : Final Cut Pro X Intermediate

Start to work on more advanced editing techniques for your program which include adding transitions, adjusting your audio mix and adding basic graphics.

Edit 103 : Final Cut Pro X Exporting Media

You will finalize your media in your timeline and learn how to export your media for different playback platforms.

Mobile Video Production

Mobile 101 : Switcher Studio

Explore our iPad based switcher system that can easily be set-up and operated in the field for a multi-camera field production that can be streamed live on YouTube or Facebook Live and recorded.

Mobile 102 : Media Activist Kit – Capturing Video

Do you want to tell more stories about your community? Want an easy way to capture video? Learn how to use the mobile technology of our media activist kits to shoot and record video in the field with an iPad and share your media off of the device.

Each training will weave in media storytelling, media literacy, and community ambassadorship. Trainings will include a 15 minute break.

The entire training program will be repeated multiple times each year.

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