Single Program Agreement

Single Program Agreement

Single Programs must be received at least 3 weeks in advance of the playback time. Scheduled playback is dependent on on-time submissions of programs.

    Channel Use Agreement for playback of single programs that are not part of an approved program series on TV Santa Barbara

    Address*Street, City, State, Zip
    Program Title*
    Program Description*1-2 sentences that describe the program for viewers
    Does this program contain adult content?*
    Does the program meet TV Santa Barbara's Programming Guidelines?*Programming Guidelines are available in the rules and procedures handbook
    Requested Air Date
    When do you hope to have this program broadcast on TVSB Channels (it may take 3 weeks to schedule the video for playback)
    Have you obtained all necessary copyright clearances?*
    Submitted via*
    File name*
    This will help us identify the correct file for playback


    Members in good standing of TVSB may submit programs to be cablecast by TVSB. Before signing this contract you should read the TVSB Rules & Procedures Handbook. TVSB reserves the right to reschedule or remove any programming which it determines is in violation of TVSB policies, technical standards, or the provisions of this agreement.

    Terms*I represent to TV Santa Barbara, that the program presented by me for scheduling as described on this Programming Contract does not contain (1) any advertising or material that promotes any product, service, or lottery; or (2) material which violates any law including but not limited to obscene material, libel, invasion of privacy, violation of trademark, or copyright infringement. By signing this contract, I am assuming full responsibility and will be held legally accountable for the content of this programming and as such may be subject to prosecution for program content that violates any local, state, or federal law. I have read and agree to abide by all TVSB policies regarding use of TVSB channels and facilities. I agree to indemnify and hold harmless TV Santa Barbara, COX Cable, and all governments having service agreements with the foregoing, and all their respective staffs and governing boards, from any liability, loss or damage, including reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, caused by any claim of legal action arising out of the cablecast of the programming submitted by me. I have received appropriate releases for any copyrighted material used in the program. I have the authority to submit this programming as the producer or as the authorized agent of the sponsoring organization.By submitting this program, TVSB has the non-exclusive right to air cablecast the program, stream the program on the internet, or host on any on-demand platform. TVSB has the authority to make copies of submitted programs in response to public requests or for promotional or other purposes.
    I Agree

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