805 Focus

805 Focus! Share Your Story with host Cynder Sinclair, Ph.D.

TV Santa Barbara supports local nonprofit organizations through a television show called the 805 Focus! Each 20 minute episode, hosted by Cynder Sinclair, Ph.D, highlights a nonprofit organization in Santa Barbara County and airs on TV Santa Barbara, channels 17 and 71. These evergreen programs are broadcast year round with a Monday - Friday timeslot of 5-6 pm on Channel 17 and the TVSB iPhone App.

To share your story on the 805 Focus, click on the "Get Started: Become a Nonprofit Member" button below. Your membership will help cover the production costs of this program and a final video file will be sent to participating organizations within two weeks. Additional Benefits Include:

  • 805 Focus shows air Monday - Friday from 5-6 pm on Channel 17
  • Your organization can air PSAs and other video content on TVSB

Once you become a member of TV Santa Barbara ($150 annually), you will be directed to a booking calendar where you can choose your show date and time.

If you are already a member of TV Santa Barbara, please send an email to 805focus@tvsb.tv to be directed to the 2024 booking calendar.

For questions or assistance, contact: Hollie Collins
Membership and Media Coordinator, hollie@tvsb.tv
Direct Line: (805) 690-1285
In Office Mon/Thurs/Friday 9 am - 5 pm