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Sponsor a TV Santa Barbara Show

Help support local media that matters and gain exposure for your company or organization with an on-air sponsorship.

You can sign-up as an on-air sponsor for TVSB Culture, TVSB Voice, or both. Or if there is a particular program you love on TV Santa Barbara, you can make a donation to help keep that program on the air.

Email us at info@tvsb.tv or call us at 805-571-1721 to learn more about sponsorship opportunities with TVSB. You can also make an online donation to support TV Santa Barbara.

Your support will help TVSB to be a premiere source of original, local programming.

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Memberships provide access to TV Santa Barbara’s production studios, media training classes, equipment rentals, professional creative services and the ability to submit content to Community Access Channels, 17 and 71.


Your support of community access television empowers people to make media that matters by providing accessible training, production resources and tools to help in the creation of original media content.

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