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Please Help Us Save an Endowment for Local Community Access Television.

Please Support Community and Public Access Media in Santa Barbara.

For the last year, TV Santa Barbara has been fighting to save a $1 million charitable endowment that was set up for the long-term benefit of public and education channels within the County of Santa Barbara and the cities of Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria. The interest income from the endowment is to provide support for public and education access in our region.

In April, 2019, Cox Communications and the County of Santa Barbara filed a petition to dissolve the charitable endowment and distribute the money between Cox and the County. They did not notify the intended beneficiary of the endowment, TV Santa Barbara (the only operators of Public and Educational Access in Santa Barbara), until they were required to file the petition. The petition not only asks to dissolve the charitable trust, but asks that the endowment principal be used for projects that have no relation to the original intent or purpose of the endowment.

Public and education access has been a part of the fabric of our Santa Barbara community since 1974. On behalf of this community and the people who use the station to share their voices and make media that matters, TVSB chose to intervene in an effort to: stop the petition, uphold the endowment and ensure proper stewardship of the funds. However, the time and legal fees have been a distraction to our mission and TVSB needs your financial support to help save an endowment and secure a bright future.

Please support our local community access station with a tax-deductible gift today. TV Santa Barbara is a 501c3 Organization. To make a donation, use the secure blue button below or mail a check to TV Santa Barbara, 329 South Salinas St, Santa Barbara, CA 93103. Thank you!

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