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Community Access Channel 71

TV Santa Barbara’s mission is to provide citizens with access to television and other electronic media resources in order to facilitate public dialogue, free speech and participatory democracy; foster local creativity, education and culture; and reflect our diverse community. We operate as part of the Public, Educational, and Governmental (PEG) channels authorized by the Federal Communications Act.

Channel 17 provides a televised forum for legal, non-commercial speech; a First Amendment beacon, where citizens and organizations can create and disseminate information. Channel 17 is also a great resource for non-profits to get greater visibility in our community.

Consider Channel 71 your televised gallery of local arts. Our Creative Community series has won multiple national awards. The programming aired on Channel 71 comes from local educational institutions and includes documentaries, lectures, revolutionary research symposiums, interviews, as well as coverage of school events and artistic performances.

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Current Shows on TVSB Culture
 Education Matters
 Global Dialogue
 Innovations in Education
 Local Leaders
 MIT Enterprise Forum of the Central Coast
 Naturally Different
 Santa Barbara Maritime Museum Lectures
 Schools of Thought
 Talking with Teachers
 The 805 Focus
 This is Santa Barbara
 Westmont Sports

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