Our Mission & Values

Our Mission & Values

The Mission of TV Santa Barbara is to empower people to make media that matters. We do this by providing community members with knowledge, resources, and tools to create and distribute their own original programming content.

TV Santa Barbara’s nonprofit media arts center is the place for you to create media and connect with other local media makers.  TVSB provides you open access to media technology to tell stories, share ideas, and create television shows, independent films, web videos and documentaries.

Everyone is welcome at TV Santa Barbara regardless of your level of experience.  Our MediaU program provides hands-on training in media technology and communication.  Select from courses designed to help you create your own digital media, develop a television program, or learn how to improve your social media and digital media skills.

TVSB operates two community media channels on cable: TVSB Voice and TVSB Culture. Open access to say whatever you think, whenever you want on Voice. Experience the arts and education that matter to you on Culture.

TVSB offers creative media services for the community to produce media to meet your needs, help build communities and increase dialogue on a variety of community issues and topics.


Our Guiding Values


The sharing of ideas and information helps to build understanding and common values within a community.  TVSB provides means for diverse communities to tell their stories, hear each other’s stories, and create new stories together.  By providing virtual and physical spaces for individuals and organizations to come together, we create pathways to collaborate, to empower relationships, and to strengthen our community.


In contrast to commercial media, TVSB provides a welcoming environment within our local media ecosystem for expression of a variety of perspectives, viewpoints and beliefs, including those from underrepresented segments of the population. We embrace our community’s ability to share ideas.


TVSB provides everyone in our community with access to media production technology for the creation, sharing, and consumption of knowledge and ideas. We offer services to all regardless of production experience, income, education, gender identity, ethnicity, physical ability, language, beliefs or any other characteristics.


Creativity is vital to the soul of the community and every individual. TVSB fosters a safe environment for the development and expression of ideas.


TVSB operates as a trusted community partner with integrity, open communication and practices.

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