Media Training

Media Training

COVID-19 Notice

All of our media training classes are currently on hold due to COVID-19. Please check back in 2022 for an updated schedule of classes and events. We apologize for the inconvenience and are just as excited as you to get back to normal.

Come Learn The Core Fundamentals of
Video Production

TVSB media classes are here to guide your journey in learning studio, field, editing, and podcasting. Classes are $20 for members and $50 for the general public. TV Santa Barbara offers classes to the community that will give you the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom to make media that matters. Our training approach is a community-based model that encourages hands-on courses, practical skills, affordable tuition, small class sizes, and real-world knowledge-based instructors.

The classes we teach are the core fundamentals of video production to enable you to create dynamic community content. We start with the principal elements of studio, field, editing, and podcasting which we call production essentials. If you find your need for more in-depth training, we offer more advanced classes through our Creative Services production arm.

Santa Barbara Video Production Training

Upcoming Video Production and Studio Training Classes

TV Santa Barbara Video Production Training Essentials

Studio Essentials
Discover how to use the equipment in our media production studios. Through our classes, you will learn to operate studio cameras, run audio, studio lighting, and the fundamentals of a multi-camera production environment.

Field/Mobile Essentials
If you’re recording an independent film, video project, or television program, we will teach you how to use our field production gear. Through these classes, gain knowledge and skill for capturing a scene, recording creatively and effectively to tell your story. Learn how to use the mobile technology of our media activist kits to record video in the field with an iPad.

Edit Essentials
Gain an understanding of Final Cut Pro X (FCPX). Learn the interface, how to organize your media and import your media into your library and perform basic edits. Then as you progress adding transitions, audio, graphics, and finally export your media for different playback formats.

Podcast Essentials
Our class will teach you all about the basics of podcasting. Explore podcasting formats, breakdown the components of a podcast, and learn how to record and distribute your own podcast!

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