Studio A

Studio A

This 600 sq. ft production studio includes three Sony HDR cameras, a professional grade lighting grid, and multiple sets. Additionally, Studio A’s operations booth is equipped with a sound board and production switcher, and can also be used as a Zoom conferencing room.

This studio / equipment is free to reserve and use for TV Santa Barbara Members. Use the Sign-up button below to learn more about membership and to join.

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Booking Notes and Times

Studio A / Editing Bays: Monday - Friday, Noon to 4pm
Studio B / Podcast Studio: Monday - Friday, Noon to 2pm or 3pm to 5pm
Private Office: Monday - Friday, Noon to 1pm, Noon to 2pm, Noon to 3pm, 2pm - 3pm, 2pm to 4pm, 2pm to 5pm or 4pm to 5pm.

Production Equipment: 3 day reservations and checkout.
Monday - Wednesday, Tuesday - Thursday, Wednesday - Friday / Pick up between noon and 6pm on start day, return by 6pm on end day.
Thursday -  Saturday or Friday - Sunday / Pick up between noon and 6pm on start day, return by Noon on following Monday.