Congratulations to students of the Carpinteria School District — have a great summer! ☀️????⛱️????

JUNE 14, 2022 CARPINTERIA UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT MEETING — Boardmembers congratulated students and staff on another accomplished year despite the hardships faced, whether it be the local mudslides and fires to the national school safety concerns and on-going COVID-19 pandemic. 

Boardmember Sally Green praised the recent end-of-year festivities, such as graduations, concerts and plays. “I think we have some amazing students, and I would like to acknowledge the principals and teachers for the well-attended functions of the past several weeks,” Green shared.

Boardmember Jaime Diamond gave a warm congratulations to everyone who has graduated or been promoted to the next stage of their education, expressing “You have earned your place moving on and we’re really excited for you.” She also shared with the board important feedback from students on the value of the advisory classes, as they support students in their studies and allow a safe environment to speak with teachers and fellow students.

Boardmember Andy Sheaffer also acknowledged the end-of-year ceremonies, “especially the high school graduation.” Sheaffer described watching the students walk across the stage and afterward how excited their families were. “It really reinforces why we are all doing this — to see the joy and the hope for students’ futures.”

Earlier in the meeting, Sheaffer had also mentioned the Fun in the Sun program, a Santa Barbara County educational program which invites 80 service delivery partners and over 600 volunteers to provide a fun and fulfilling learning experience to students over the summer, which include but are not limited to STEAM education, Mindfulness, Family Fun Nights, Daily Reading/Writing, and Self-Esteem Building Activities. TVSB has had the privilege of offering a video production course in Fun in the Sun, through which students learn how to create their own shows and short films.