Carpinteria Water District reviews 2022-23 Budget, as well as Re-Issuance of Intent to Serve Letters

JUNE 8, 2022 CARPINTERIA VALLEY WATER DISTRICT MEETING — The Carpinteria Valley Water District reviewed the 2022-23 Fiscal Year Budget, Water Rates and Charges in a presentation provided by General Manager, Bob McDonald, and Kevin Kostiuk, Manager at Raftelis (Local Government & Utility Management Consulting). 

The staff also reviewed requests for Intent to Serve Letters, which have been temporarily halted due to the extended drought and under an improvement review process. Intent to Serve letters are planning tools that help resource agencies determine the impact of land use projects on existing resources, and confirmation for the land use agencies that there will be sufficient resources for the project. The staff concluded by recommending to continue issuing ITS letters, as well as that it continues to be an administerial (staff determination) process, while regularly reporting the issuance of ITS letters to the Board.