The Mystic Whaler Has completed its’ journey to Santa Barbara

TV Santa Barbara was happy to be in attendance at this past weeks lecture at the Santa Barbara Maritime Museum about the story of the Mystic Whaler. The Mystic Whaler is a tall ship originally from Mystic, Connecticut. Acquired by Central Coast Ocean Adventures, which is a local non-profit with the educational philosophy: “To adventure is to discover and learn from the unfamiliar,” The 110 foot ship will now provide ocean based educational experiences to residents of Santa Barbara.

Ship Captain Christine Healey and Director of Development and Programming for CCOA Michael Sheehy shared the story of the the long journey the boat took this year from Mystic, Connecticut to its’ present day location in Santa Barbara, California. The historical boat is a beautiful addition to the Santa Barbara Harbor and will provide students and adults alike with a wonderful opportunity to travel up and down the Central Coast and learn about the ocean, as well as sailing and nautical skills.