TV Santa Barbara presents at June 13 Carpinteria City Council meeting ✨????????????

JUNE 13, 2022 CARPINTERIA CITY COUNCIL MEETING — TV Santa Barbara Executive Director Erik Davis and Coastal View News Co-Founder Gary Dobbins presented the recent growth and contributions of TVSB through their partnership with the City of Carpinteria. Dobbins shined light on TVSB’s work with the Alcazar Theatre, covering events such as Leading Women in Cannabis and the Alan Parsons birthday celebration, as well as collaborating with the Alcazar staff on camera set-up for efficient and quality production. Dobbins also shared with the Council the “Carpinteria Living” show that airs on TVSB’s Channel 17. The program is hosted by Carpinteria Mayor Wade Nomura and Rotarian Debbie Nomura and “highlights the unique offerings of the Carpinteria Valley, including tours of local restaurants, retail stores, local attractions and interviews with people of interest,” as well as prominent events such as the Rods and Roses car show and Carpinteria’s famous California Avocado Festival.

TV Santa Barbara’s Executive Director Erik Davis shared the crucial advancements TVSB has aided the City of Carpinteria with, such as upgrading the technology in the broadcast room and being instrumental in the hybrid transition to Zoom meetings. He also described the advances TVSB has made in streaming content on-demand via Roku, Amazon Fire and the TVSB phone app to make programs “more accessible and continue showcasing great local content throughout Santa Barbara County.” Davis shared the idea of Closed Captioning in English and Spanish for broadcasts. In thanking the City of Carpinteria for their valued and significant partnership, Davis expressed, “The importance of community television continues growing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where more people are tuning into government broadcasts.”

Pictured: Erik Davis, Executive Director, TV Santa Barbara at the June 13 Carpinteria City Council meeting

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