City of Carpinteria celebrates Community Action Month and National Public Works Week in May 2022

MAY 9, 2022 CITY COUNCIL MEETING — The City of Carpinteria designated May 2022 as Community Action Month in honor of CommUnify’s 55th anniversary. CommUnify is a non-profit organization aiming to uphold stability, security, resilience and good health in families in the Santa Barbara County with economic, educational and medical services and opportunities. TV Santa Barbara has been fortunate enough to work closely with CommUnify in promoting their mission and inviting CEO Patricia Keelean to share CommUnify’s message on 805 Focus.

The May 9 City Council Meeting also designated the week of May 15-21, 2022 as National Public Works Week in Carpinteria. John Ilasin, Public Works Director, shared the history of National Public Works Week, which began in 1960 with the US Senate affirming the first National Public Works Week and shortly after in 1962 with President John F. Kennedy signing the Presidential Proclamation of National Public Works Week. In 2022, the American Public Works Association announced “Ready and Resilient” as the theme for the 2022 National Public Works Week poster: “Always READY to serve their communities, and RESILIENT as ever in their abilities to pick themselves up off the ground after encountering challenges.”